About Rathe’s Salvage

Whether you are large company or a part time scrap collector, we are the largest salvage yard in the Burlington area. We buy junk cars, recycle scrap metal, and offer roll off cans and towing services!

Rathe’s Salvage has a knowledgeable and friendly staff that are happy to help no matter how large or small the task might be. Our goal is to provide convenient and professional service in a safe environment for all of our customers.

Ever wonder how to pronounce our name?… Well to be honest you are not the first, we are used to it! Rathe’s is pronounced “Ratty’s” and it’s as easy as that! Our salvage yard sits on 20 acres along Interstate I-89 in Colchester located 2 miles north of Burlington. Come on down, we looking forward to seeing you!


What are your Hours? We are open Tuesday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

Do you Buy Cars? Yes, we do! There are many factors to consider when determining the value of a junk car, but the largest factor for us is the weight of the vehicle, which determines how much metal can be recycled. Additionally, if the vehicle needs to be picked up, it can also affect the final price of the vehicle.

What is the Current Price of Scrap Metal? The prices of scrap metals are constantly changing. For the most up-to-date pricing, we always recommend calling us!

Do you Accept Materials other than Metal? We do not accept materials that are not metal, including wood, trash, or any other hazardous materials. If you have questions about what materials may be considered hazardous or where to dispose of an item give us a call or reach out through our website!

Are there any Metal items that you Do Not Buy? Certain items may require special handling, so we do not always pay for them, including propane tanks or items with refrigerants such as refrigerators or air conditioners.

What Types of Scrap Metal Do You Accept? We accept many different types of scrap metal including ferrous and non ferrous metals such as tin, steel, copper, lead, brass, aluminum, electric motors, and so much more!

Do you provide Pickup Services for Scrap Metal? We do provide pickup services for scrap metal in larger quantities (several tons of scrap metal). We provide roll off cans that can be picked up one time or on a regular basis depending on your needs.

Do I need to Schedule an Appointment to get rid of my Scrap Metal? You do not need to schedule an appointment to drop off your scrap metal, just bring it in and we’ll help with the rest!

How is the Value of my Scrap Metal Determined? The value of your scrap metal is determined by how much it weighs. We have two state-certified scales ranging from over 100,000lbs in capacity all the way down a single pound. There is no quantity too large or small we can’t help with.

Do you Buy Scrap Metal from Individuals and Businesses? We buy scrap metal from everyone including in commercial or residential quantities. Scrap metal in quantities below 300lbs can subject to non-payment.

Do you Provide Containers for Scrap Metal? We do provide roll off cans for larger quantities of scrap metal. This can be setup on a recurring or one time basis. Please call for more information.